Depression Can Be Helped Online

by Sally R. Connolly, LMFT and John E. Turner, LMFT

How do you know if you are just sad, have the blues or are seriously depressed? 

 Many people experience periods of sadness or have "blue days" during their lifetime; however, we would not say that most of them suffer from depression.

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  Depression affects the way that you think about yourself and how you think other things, how you eat and how you sleep.

Depression is not just something that you “go through”, rather it is a mood or feeling that comes and camps out for a while.

Those who experience depression generally do not just “snap out of it”, rather they generally need to do something and/or take something to make a difference.

There are three general types of depression: major depression, dysthymia and manic-depression or bi-polar disorder.

Major depression is generally felt the most severely. It involves an interruption in sleep, eating, enjoying life, work, study and energy. Some people only have one bout of major depression but most find that it visits several times over their lives.

Dysthymia is the type of depression that has less severe symptoms but lasts a long time. People who experience this report a general feeling of low energy and unhappiness, not feeling well or functioning as they would like.

Bi-polar disorder generally presents with mood swings, often severe highs (mania) and lows (depression). We will talk more about this in another article.

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