Chat Counseling and Coaching

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Chat counseling and coaching involves email in "real time" with a therapist online using instant messaging or a chat format.  If you are interested in this form of counseling or coaching, we will invite you to log on to a secure chat room where we can exchange emails about your questions and concerns.

Here is How to Begin.


  • Review the Informed Consent and Privacy Practice statements as well as the information we have at the bottom of this page.
  • Choose your method of payment, check or charge, and then, within 24 hours of payment received, we will send you an email  to arrange our first Chat Counseling or Coaching appointment.
  • At the appointment hour, we will meet in a private chat room*.  We will then have our first Chat Counseling or Coaching session and as many subsequent sessions as you find helpful.
  • Complete the enrollment form below.  We will send you additional questions to get you thinking before our meeting.
We will copy the chat text transcript at the end of each session before deleting it. You should do the same or save it to your hard drive so can can review the session at your leisure  Our copy of the transcript of each session will be stored in our password protected digital files and deleted seven years after our last contact.

What Does It Cost?

  • $50 for a 30 minute online chat session.
  • $100 for a 60 minute chat session.
  • $275 for 3 hours of chat therapy.

Begin Now

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By purchasing a service above, I consent to participate in counseling or coaching services offered by Counseling Relationships

I understand I am consenting and agreeing only to those services that Counseling Relationships Online staff are qualified to provide within the scope of their license, certification, and training.

By purchasing a service above, I acknowledge that I have reviewed and made a personal copy of Counseling Relationships's, Informed Consent and Privacy Practice Statements, which you may view and print. I understand that this consent for services is subject to revocation by me at any time, unless action has already been taken.