Online Coaching for Personal and Relationship Problems

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Sally Connolly, LMFT and John Turner, LMFT, are also life coaches who provide coaching within the scope of their therapy practice. It may be that coaching, rather than counseling, is the best direction for you and your situation. Together you will make that decision.

John’s and Sally’s professional coach experience includes the incorporation of coach principles in their work through psycho-education workshops and retreats for couples and singles, seminars for businesses on topics such as stress management and work-life balance as well as their ongoing psychotherapy practice. Both have also consulted with and coached family businesses.

Coaching has developed naturally out of their clinical practice. Because they each have over 30 years of practice as therapists, helping clients with many different problems and in many different ways, it is a good fit to share that information in a more structured and action-oriented way, looking forward rather than backward.

Sally and John consider coaching to be a sub-specialty within their counseling practice. Because they hold licenses to practice as counselors/psychotherapists, they consider that coaching will also be held to the standard of care and scope of practice dictated by their regulated profession.

Coaching will be held in much the same format as counseling. Sessions will be conducted over the phone or by email through secure sites. The focus will be more on moving forward rather than understanding situations more in depth.

Coaching is considered to be as personal as a therapy session and for that reason, the same level of confidentiality when practicing coaching in person or online will be upheld.

Coaches don’t work on helping resolve past traumas, personality development or structure. There will not be any delving into the past looking for patterns.

Your coach will ask you questions to help you focus on what is most important in your life right now. You will be encouraged to take action so that you can achieve success.

To sign up for coaching, use the same format as for counseling. Read our consent form, complete our sign-up form for with basic information and, using paypal, determine what fit’s the best for you.

Feel free to call or email either John or Sally with any questions needing clarification.

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