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We provide online counseling to those residing in the state of Kentucky.  We provide coaching for those residing in other states as licensure allows.

If you are ready to begin online counseling or coaching, click here to be taken directly to our enrollment page. You will complete a brief form, choose your method of payment and can even send your first email.  Help is only a click away.

Please check out our articles. We hope that they will help you begin to solve some of the problems that you are experiencing.

Is Online Counseling or Coaching Right for You?

  • Would you like to talk with a counselor or coach about your personal problems but not sure that you can get to an office?
  • Struggling with problems; however, work or childcare responsibilities make it hard to be available to show up at a professional's office?
  • Not sure that you have the energy or the courage to face another person to talk about the problem that is troubling you?
  • Want some clear, practical suggestions for concerns that you are facing?
Online counseling or coaching may be the answer for you.  We take you and your situation seriously and are here to help.

Receive the benefit of counseling or coaching from the privacy of your own home or office through phone, email or chatting online. This online counseling and coaching site is reliable, safe, and private. We offer encrypted services for email, chat and web conferencing.  Our online counselors/coaches are highly trained, experienced and qualified to help you with your personal or relationship problems. 

Be sure to read our Consent for Services.  While we make every effort to guard your privacy, in these days, there are many opportunities for even the safest encrypted sites to be hacked.

Sign up for online counseling or coaching and you can plan to begin the process within 24 to 48 hours. There is no long waiting list. If email is your preferred way to begin, and it is for many, you can start whenever you are ready, even if it is at 3:00 AM.

Several recent studies have noted the benefits of online counseling for problems related to anxiety, depression and relationship issues. Our therapists have been helping people deal with these problems for many years and with a great deal of success.

Seasoned and Experienced Counselors and Coaches

Our therapists are experienced relationship counselors and coaches who have helped many couples and marriages solve difficult problems. Need help in surviving an affair?  Improving communication? Learn how to resolve conflict?

Are you experiencing a separation or navigating the painful road through divorce, remarriage, step-family concerns, in-laws and parenting struggles?  Our counselors/coaches have experience with these problems as well.

Feeling depressed or anxious?  Worry hang around too long in your head?  Problems at work?  Need help making a difficult choice?  Our online counselors and coaches have experience with these problems as well.

Check Out Our Free Articles About Relationships Dilemmas

Learn more about our thoughts and approach to specific problems. Check out the many articles that we have personally written about different life problems.

The article "Online Counseling and Coaching: Is It Right For You?" answers many questions to help you decide if this might fit your needs.

We currently offer email, phone and chat counseling and coaching. Click on each of those pages to find out more about how it works or move directly to our enrollment page to begin the process.

Please check out our articles. We hope that they will help you begin to solve some of the problems that you are experiencing.
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Online Counseling
Would you like to talk with someone directly?  Call Sally (502) 548-1666 or John (502) 451-4628.  We will contact you if you would like to complete and send us this form.

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