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Phone coaching and counseling is for many people who would like to get help for a personal problem but, for many reasons, not able to go to a therapists office.

With a phone counseling or coaching session, you can be in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office and consult with a professional therapist who can help you determine a direction to take to begin solving your problems

Here is how to get started.

  • Read the Consent for Services section at the bottom of this page.
  • Complete and send the form below which asks for basic information about yourself and your problem.
  • Choose a payment plan below.  If you choose PayPal, we will contact you within 2 business days and schedule your first session.

Our Rates For Phone Coaching or Counseling

  • $50 for a 30 minute phone session.
  • $100 for a 60 minute phone session.
  • $375 for 4 hours of phone therapy.

By purchasing a service above, I consent to participate in counseling services offered by Counseling Relationships I understand I am consenting and agreeing only to those services that Counseling Relationships Online staff are qualified to provide within the scope of the their license, certification, and training.

By purchasing a service above, I acknowledge that I have reviewed and made a personal copy of Counseling Relationships's, Informed Consent and Privacy Practice Statements. I understand that this consent for services is subject to revocation by me at any time, unless action has already been taken.

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