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Please check out our articles. We hope that they will help you begin to solve some of the problems that you are experiencing.

Get Started Here

  • Read the Consent for Services section at the bottom of this page.
  • Complete and send the form below.  We will read this form before your session and you won't have to waste valuable time because we will already have important information about you.
    Take your time when completing the form.  Many people tell us that this process helps them prepare for their session, and gives them valuable insights into the issues they want to focus on with their coach.
  • Pay for your coaching through PayPal and begin immediately. (See the rates below.)  If you would prefer to pay on the phone, feel free to call us at (502) 548-1666 or (502)451-4628.
  • Schedule your coaching appointment now.  You can begin immediately with an email about your issues and we will respond within 1 business day. 
  • You also can email us with a time-frame that would best fit for you to begin with phone, chat or video conferencing.

With online coaching, you can be in the privacy and comfort of your own home or a private space and consult with a professional coach who can help you determine a direction to take to begin solving your problems.  

We offer encrypted services for email, chat and web conferencing.  At the same time, recognize that with today's web presence, nothing can be completely secure.

Our Rates for Online Coaching

Phone: Coaching
  • $60 for a 30 minute phone session.
  • $120 for a 60 minute phone session.
  • $300 for 3 hours of phone coaching.
Email: Coaching
  • $40 for one email exchange.
  • $150 for 4 email exchanges.
Chat or Instant Message Coaching
  • $60 for a 30 minute chat session.
  • $120 for a 60 minute chat session.
  • $300 for 3 hours of chat therapy.
If none of these options seems to fit just right for you, we will develop a custom program for you based on your unique needs.  We're all about you having what you want in your life.  Call us at (502) 548-1666 (Sally) or (502) 451-4628 (John).

Get Started Now by Pre-Paying for Your Sessions

Online Counseling

By purchasing a service above, I consent to participate in coaching services offered by Counseling Relationships I understand I am consenting and agreeing only to those services that Counseling Relationships Online staff are qualified to provide within the scope of the their license, certification, and training.
By purchasing a service above, I acknowledge that I have reviewed and made a personal copy of Counseling Relationships's Informed Consent and Privacy Practice Statements. I understand that this consent for services is sub
ject to revocation by me at any time, unless action has already been taken.