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Is Online Coaching or Counseling Right for You? 

* Are you busy with your life and yet want help with personal, relationship or emotional problems and yet, do not have the time, energy or ability to visit with a therapist? 
* Do you feel lonely, misunderstood, confused or frustrated because of problems in your relationships?
* Is communication, which used to be so easy but now your partner is like a stranger

* Are you depressed and not sure why?
* Are you struggling with problems at work?
*Do you find that worry seems to be hanging around in your head a lot?

Online Coaching or Counseling May Be the Answer for You

Our online coaches offer a full range of services.  We are highly trained, competent professionals and provide help through encrypted email, chat, phone and live therapy sessions.  We also offer articles about life and relationship dilemmas.   

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Read Free Articles About Relationship Dilemmas

Learn more about your online counselors and coaches and how they work by reading some of the articles on dating, healthy marriages, affairs, depression, anxiety and step families to name just a few.  These articles can help you begin to address many of those dilemmas and to offer some suggestions for possible approaches and solutions.

Check out their blog, Relationship Dilemmas.

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Hear John and Sally and get to know them a little.

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Coaching and Counseling Relationships Online has been developed by licensed marriage and family therapists, Sally Connolly and John Turner, who are married to each other and have their practice in Louisville, Kentucky.Click here to be taken to our "Getting Started" with online relationship coaching page.